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Surroundings - Zandvoort aan Zee


Zandvoort aan Zee is uniquely situated in the middle of the Randstad. The central location allows Zandvoort both from the North and from the South, easily accessible. Two access roads provide a good flow and when the beach again for large crowds, then offers the track the outcome.


Zandvoort aan Zee is the only seaside resort that has a direct rail connection to Haarlem and Amsterdam. This link contributes to excellent accessibility and makes it the perfect option for many Zandvoort aan zee city dwellers to flee the crowds. But also for team building activities or inspiring meetings and brainstorming sessions Zandvoort aan zee is an ideal location

Zandvoort aan Zee is flanked by the North Sea and is surrounded by the beautiful nature. Encapsulated by the rough but beautiful areas is the village in a natural grip held. One where we don't want to come out. The combination of these beautiful surroundings with the cosy and authentic village of Zandvoort aan zee is a true Pearl on sea.


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