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Beach at Zandvoort aan Zee


Beach club, beach restaurant and beach Pavilion: how they call it, in Zandvoort aan zee are they present in large numbers. And each with its own identity, so is there for anyone to find a suitable 'spot'. Whether you're staying in trendy or prefer Australian's spheres, in Zandvoort aan zee find your style at one of over 30 pavilions.


Zandvoort aan Zee visitors all year round on the beach can enjoy a hot or cold drink. Because where most of the beach pavilions in October broken down, there are five pavilions, open all year. This full year around restaurants in the winter months are also hot spots for a refreshing beach walk.

Except for great food and a relaxing drink all Beach pavilions have many opportunities for larger events. It is not surprising that there are so many weddings on the Zandvoort Beach are carried out. An attractive location with all amenities in an environment where romance reigns supreme.

But also for business events such as conferences or meetings offer the Zandvoort pavilions outcome. Many locations have separate lockable rooms where meetings can be in peace. In addition, the beach is a source of inspiration and the 'Palatine' frequently swapped for the feet in the sand. Combine a brainstorming session with a team building activity. Then close off with a drink and dinner at sea and then a wonderful overnight stay in our hotel and you have the perfect working day!