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Catering and entertainment options

Zandvoort aan zee sizzles all year round! In the summer months on the beach and in the village a large number of events with live music or DJ's organized, but also in the less busy months, there is plenty to experience. Apart from the various theme periods, in which the middle class put her best foot forward jointly Zandvoort, filling several concerts, music and game nights the agenda. For example, you will enjoy live music every Friday night at Holland Casino Zandvoort and tasty regularly hosts jazz evenings. The 'struiners' among us will enjoy the mega trade fairs, trunk markets and art markets that are organized throughout the year. Culture lovers the changing supply exists in the Zandvoorts museum or visit the beachcombers um, where legio gejutte stuff can be admired.



The Centre of Zandvoort has several cafés, many of whom have a heated terrace. Here you can relax if the weather is something less. Order a cup of coffee or a delicious lunch while you watch the passing public. Is it you still search within the atmosphere too cold than on. in addition, in the Center a large number of restaurants where you are more than welcome to grab a bite to eat. Many of these restaurants focus on another kitchen, giving you not only delicious, but also diverse dining. Go after your evening dinner on out and discover the cosy nightlife of Zandvoort.


For a dinner with the setting sun as a backdrop, you can go to one of the pavilions on the beach. In the summer months you can choose from over 30 pavilions, but because enough Zandvoort open year round five pavilions also counts those in the autumn and winter, you will have the opportunity to visit a beach after your fork to prick. Breath of fresh air during a walk on the beach and then end the day with a dinner by the sea, sounds like a top day!